Pay for Performance

The 2001 Institute of Medicine (IOM) landmark report titled “Crossing the Quality Chasm” revealed that 98,000 hospitalized patients die unnecessarily each year from preventable medical errors. The nation’s medical community took notice and realized a resolution was necessary. Since then, American medicine has been on a path toward the Pay for Performance (P4P) model. Quantum CNS will help you meet pay for performance standards by aligning incentives for patients, payers, and providers resulting in both effective and efficient healthcare delivery. The results are a solid healthcare business model that allows your organization to reap the benefits of pay for performance (P4P) while using non-monetary incentivizes for individual performance. Meanwhile, your hospital or practice will be compensated for your efforts by receiving discounted malpractice premiums for lower managed care rates as well as retaining and growing your business. Quantum CNS has been field tested in over 700,000 cases (100,000 cases annually). This is why we are confident we can help you achieve your goals with the following five step pay for performance model. To learn more about how Quantum CNS can help you please register to view our online demo:

Quantum CNS’s 5 Step Pay for Performance Model:
    • Step 1: Define Site Specific Goals
    • Step 2: Understand Site Specific Challenges
    • Step 3: Develop Site Specific Quantifiable Metrics from Quantum CNS’s Database
    • Step 4: Use Quantum CNS’s Organizational Process
      ○ Creates easy and seamless process integration
      ○ Provides real time results
    • Step 5: Utilize Quantum CNS’s Built In Feedback Loops to Drive Individual Performance